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Tattoos 70

A man who owns a tattoo shop located downtown contacted me. More about him in a moment.
After reading his response, I couldn't seem to get the subject of tattoos and body piercings out of my head. I recalled a British minister - a man in his late 50's at the time - testifying that the Lord had directed him to pierce an ear in the fashion of the bond servant referred to by the apostle Paul. Such a servant would have his ear pierced his master as a sign that he would serve him forever. When this minister obeyed, he claimed that many more young people were attending his meetings as a result.

After a class I was teaching, an attendee mentioned to me that his Christian son showed up on a construction site where he encountered a heavily-tattooed man. The Christian struck up a conversation with the tattooed man who commented that he was surprised that he spoke to him as hardly anyone every did so. He believed this was because of all his tattoos, giving the Christian the in-road to minister to him.

I remembered a Christian biker preaching from the pulpit, his Popeye forearms covered with tattoos as he spoke, and how the young guys flocked around him to talk afterward.